To carry the label of a Premium Finance Broker is to say that we are a “cut above the rest”.  Our

focus is on a delivery that most of our competitors would not come close to.

Firstly, our level of knowledge is superior to most mortgage broking operations.  We have more than

a decade of experience in operating in this space and we hold Financial Planning qualifications that

allow us to advise you on an entirely different level.  The head of our group has more than

$500,000,000 of settled mortgages under his belt and the enormous amount of experience that

comes with this.  Our ongoing training and professional development is rigorous and designed to

keep us at the cutting edge.

Secondly, our commitment to getting the job done in an effective and efficient way cannot be

understated.  Our timeframes are sharp and our success rates are high.

Last, but not least, we value our client relationships with an unyielding commitment to service.  We

want to ‘walk your journey’ and ‘hear your story’ and be part of your financial success.

When choosing your mortgage broker, why not choose a Premium Mortgage Broker?