About us

About Thane Group

We are a progressive business that offers a range of financial solutions (and associated businesses) to assist our clients from a holistic perspective.


As a client of Thane Group, you will have access to a range of experts in serveral fields (listed below) that will assist you to manage and control your financial future.

  • Finance broking (mortgages and personal finance).
  • Financial Planning (insurance, superannuation and investments).
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping.
  • Property management and real estate advice (including property development advice).
  • Property Inspections.
  • Conveyancing (settlement agency).
  • Web design and IT services.
  • Migration.

Our business is built on integrity, knowledge and the delivery of results to our clients.

Our staff pride themselves on their skills and ability as well as their commitment to clients.

We aim to offer our clients the very best in services and service.

Service is speed, accuracy and communication in fullfilling and exceeding our clients expectations.